Adult Leader: 

Project Objective: Designed to help you explore the opportunities available in photography. Whether you’re just starting with figuring out your camera or working on advanced techniques, you can grow in the photography project. The photography project also offers the opportunity to develop leadership skills and help others through community service.

Equipment /Cost: Camera (point and shoot or DSLR), Competitions have an entry fee between $10-20 per competition.

Project Meetings:

Learn how to use camera, take photos of people, places, pets, etc. using a variety of different viewpoints, adjust depth of field, and use symmetry, shapes, and patterns to capture creative photos.


Competitions at the County (all ages), District (all ages) and State levels (Seniors, must qualify).

Categories include:

  • Animals – Domestic, Wildlife
  • Catch All
  • Details and Macros
  • Dominant Color
  • Elements of Design
  • Enhanced
  • Food
  • Landscape and Nature (non-animal)
  • Motion/Action
  • People
  • Plant/Flora
  • Sports
  • Travel and Place
  • Yearly Themed Category