Public Speaking

Adult Leaders:
Kathrin Esposito /
Marie Rathgeb /

Project Objective: This project aims to help 4-H members gain confidence speaking in front of groups, peers, and adults by practicing in different ways, providing a stress free environment to allow 4-H members at all levels of experience an opportunity to practice public speaking, and offer constructive feedback, tips, and tricks to improve 4-H member public speaking skills.

Equipment Needs/Costs:  None

Project Meetings: We will have a 2 hour workshop/meeting once per month in September, October, and November; likely the 2nd Thursday of the month (based on leader/member schedules). Meetings will include impromptu skits, games, and general instruction on building better public speaking skills.

Competitions: County date TBD


Project Objectives:

Help 4-H members develop and present a competitive speech for 4-H competitions, provide advanced feedback on presentations created and memorized by 4-H member, and provide tips and tricks to improve 4-H member public speaking specifically for the competition.

Project Meetings: Designed for 4-H members who are more experienced in Public Speaking and will focus on perfecting the speech for their 4-H presentation. This will require a lot of self-direction for the 4-H member as they will need to write, memorize and practice their script on their own. Meetings will focus on providing feedback and practicing the competition speech.


State Fair of Texas – Oct. 14th
County 4-H  – TBD
District 4-H – TBD March/April 2022
State 4-H – June in College Station Senior 4-H members only