Food & Nutrition

Adult Leaders:
Bill Esposito /

Project Objective: Learn about the culinary, nutritional, and scientific aspects of food while having fun! We encourage 4-Hers to try new foods and to get into the kitchen to cook for themselves. There are numerous opportunities for career exploration, community service, and competition.

Equipment/Cost: TBD for Project Meetings; Competitions have an entry fee between $10-20 per competition.

Project Meetings:

Each project meeting will focus on developing your culinary knowledge, including your kitchen safety and technical skill. We will meet once or twice a month for practices and aid you in preparing for either individual or team competitions.


Food Show –As an individual you will choose a recipe, figure out how to prepare it, learn about its nutrition, food safety aspects, and then bring the prepared dish, along with a brief presentation, to be evaluated by a panel of judges. 

Food Challenge – As a team of four or five members you will be given 40 minutes to create a dish with a “key ingredient” along with a set list of grocery items. Using the skills and knowledge you gained in project meetings you’ll then present the finished product, as well as information regarding preparation, nutritional value, My Plate, food safety, and cost to a panel of judges. 

Family & Community Health (FCH) Quiz Bowl – As a team of four you will compete based on your knowledge of basic nutrition, consumer information, food and kitchen safety, food preparation skills, storage, and other health. Up against the clock, you’ll buzz in to answer a question and earn points for correct answers. Teams advance in a tournament-system bracket to win the competition. 

Ag ID- As an individual or team you will identify 20 Texas agricultural products which are selected and exhibited at separate stations. Contestants select the correct identification of each product from four possible answers. Each station also has one multiple choice question pertaining to the product on display. Questions are specific to the individual product that is on display.

ALL competitions are held at the County (all ages), District (all ages, must qualify), and State (Seniors only, must qualify) level.

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