Fashion & Interior Design

Project Objective:  Learn how to be a good consumer when  purchasing clothes, and the art of creating clothing, accessories, and much more.

Cost:   Competition costs if applicable

General Project Meetings and Competition Preparation:

General Project Meetings: Topics include being a smart consumer when purchasing clothing, storyboard and  upcycling items for a new purpose.

Community Service Projects: These projects are fun learning opportunities where we make something to donate to a charity. This is an important part of the project especially if you are going to enter a contest or create a 4-H record book. It is great way to have a positive impact on your community.

Competition Categories:

Fashion Show- includes several categories in sewing construction and buying  

Natural Fiber Contest-buy or construct an outfit made from either cotton or wool/mohair/alpaca

Fashion Storyboard –includes several categories for competition in fashion and interior design

Duds to Dazzle –team competition, similar to food challenge but with a sewing machine/fabric etc. 

For complete descriptions of these competitions, go to the State 4-H website: