What is Legacy 4-H Club?

Legacy 4-H Club prepares youth to be leaders now–
and in the future. Youth members ages 8-18
learn valuable life skills through hands-on projects,
activities, competitions, and community service.

These skills increase their confidence,
build character, encourage leadership, incite
creativity, advocate citizenship, and impart the
importance of serving others within the community.

Our club is based in Lucas, Texas and locally surrounding areas. We meet regularly for fun, educational and/or social opportunities.  We hold monthly club meetings, as well as individually scheduled project meetings led by an adult project leader.

How Can You Join Legacy 4-H Club? 

If you are interested in joining our club, you must first register on the Texas 4-H website (here). The annual cost is $25-30 per 4-H youth member, and $10 per adult volunteer. We are always in need of adult volunteers and project leaders– at least one parent must register!

What Does Legacy 4-H Do At Club Meetings?

Legacy 4-H Club holds monthly meetings attended by members and their parents. Club members elect youth officers who lead the group and the meetings. An adult member advises the youth officers on their responsiblities. The meeting can be divided among the club’s old and new business, recreation, community service, and/or educational programs. These meetings usually last 1 hour, and are typically held the 4th Monday of the month*.

What Are Project Meetings?

A 4-H project is a series of learning experiences, activities, or community service opportunities organized and led by an adult leader (who has a special interest or skill; such as crafting, photography, or sewing). Project meetings can be as often as weekly, but most only meet once or twice a month. There are many projects set forth by Texas 4-H. However, clubs choose which projects they want to offer. Each 4-H member decides for themselves which projects they find of interest. Club members can concentrate on one project, or they can try a variety of projects throughout the 4-H year.